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An unknown luxury.

Lazily, I skimmed through my Facebook news feed coming across cliche posts. I shook my head as I came across 100th check-in at an expensive hotel by one of my relatives. “Cant they sit at home?” I asked myself the hypothetical question. I kept scrolling until I saw this one picture that made me freeze on spot. Not in the literal sense but made me freeze in my habitual scrolling of fingers

One of my really close friends in Pakistan uploaded a picture from her day at school. At that time, I had limited knowledge of her occupation or work information, I gathered that information later. But my eyes froze on the story the picture was relaying. If the saying goes that pictures can speak a thousand words, I would fit it in there. It showed kids with the innocent ages of 4-7 years or maybe less. My eyes fell on the girl with yellow clips on her head with a beautiful golden sharara. My eyes welled with tears. I dug deeper in the picture and I saw many kids dressed up to what their parents would deem expensive clothes, one of them holding a small Pakistan flag and most of them with their hands raised high. Their faces expressed so much enthusiasm that it leaked through the picture, so much that it was almost nostalgic. It reminded me of the time when I would be eager to answer or impress a teacher that I liked or would want to show off my knowledge (just so I could emphasize my Miss-Know-it-All status).

Why did that picture melt my heart? Why didnt I just simply like and move on? It was not just because my friend was in there but it was also because it raised an awareness that my heart was unaware of.. my mind not at all informed. The picture spoke to me about those underprivileged children that many of us would either  mock or  pass by thinking that they won’t ever have a future because they don’t have the resources to educate themselves.  But what have we done to provide for them? Looking at those eager children, made me contemplate that just because I had grown up thinking that being educated is my birth right does not mean that it means the same for them. Back in their age I dressed up in uniform and carried a cool bag thinking I deserved it but for those children it is as if they won a sweepstakes miraculously. Back then, I would socialize with friends and have a dramatized “katti-dosti” relationships but for them..every relationship is a source to their happiness that they would treasure more than a 100 rupee note.  And maybe being a girl never really made me feel uneasy till now because of being born in an educated family but for that little girl with yellow clips.. maybe.. her mother fights a lot of people and her own societal demons to allow the girl to be educated. Every day.

I wont ever stop deducing analogies from that picture. Because it was just a glimpse of the life I am not aware of. However, our job is so much more. To educate and to liberate. Pakistan is a country brimming with talent and it only needs to be nurtured. How many talents are deep hidden in the huts and colonies of those who can not afford to read and write? How many are involved in something heinous that would ruin their life but if given a pen and paper can become innovators and bring light to the darkest corners of the country? Doesn’t it make sense when you read the quote by Victor Hugo.. who sums up the importance of education that we have not realized yet.

“He who opens a school door, closes a prison.”





Tea is necessary for addicts like me

Lets just start about how great TEA is , seriously. I dont care if it is for addicts or if it has nicotine in it * Some serious myth which was why my cousin stopped drinking it* . But whatever it is, it is GREAT!

Two minutes before, I was actually drowsing away thinking of how to escape for a while and take a short nap. However i decided to actually go and make myself some tea.

*takes a sip*

Life just cant get any better can it now? So yeah, now im all set to start off my blog =D after a month *sheepish smile*

So basically, my days are going pretty weird. Its like every day , I experience something new that shakes me to the core. But its not JUST that, it is also the lesson that comes along with it. I wont go in any more details but seriously speaking we need to get our heads straight and start understanding we are loads better and so blessed than some people..

Reason why I say so is because honestly speaking none of us know when will we die. Some die young, some die old there is no proper life span of anything be it humans , animals or non living objects. No matter how much we live, we should always be thankful to Allah SWT our Lord for whatever we have, cuz even if we live for like 50 years or so, and death comes to us. Man we would have wasted 49 years of our life regretting, being ungrateful and being arrogant to the blessings we had in our lives.
So yeah, life isnt easy for anyone. We are bound to have difficulties in life because this life in this world is a cultivating ground for us, to struggle as much as we can, remember Allah SWT in ever aspect of our life be it happiness or grief and earn ourselves good deeds to enter Jannah, the ever lasting abode in the hereafter.

Also, recently, my friends are starting to  get out of university and peek out of their books. Im so glad because when i was there, we hardly went out and my teachers kept saying we need to stop being such nerds for once. So yeah, however going through their pictures is still very emotional and its hard not breaking down into tears when your best friend calls and inquires about keeping emo statuses,acting like a concerned mom =/ Sigh i love them!

Changing tracks, pakistan cricket and pakistan itself is going through some serious downfall. Not that I blame anyone for this, they are bringing destruction on themselves by doing deeds that call upon the Wrath and Anger of Allah. However cricket is one thing that will hurt the nation the most, as it was the only thing that brought happiness to the nation =[

Sigh, now i think I should stop. I wish some patients would tart coming and make things a bit faster but well =[ its a slow day and i hope it gets over fast.

Adios everyone!

Allahafiz 🙂

Do’s and Dont’s in Ramadan


A very blessed Ramadan to all of you. may Allah SWT accept our fasts and give us the patience to guard our fasts and implement our good deeds not only in this month but the next Ameen.

Here is a list of Do’s and Dont’s in Ramadan. I have Shortened the list as it was pretty big but you can still refer to the longer version too =]


DO’s :-

  1. It is important to make the intention of obligatory (fard) fast before Fajr time.( AbuDawood)Eating before fajr (Taking Suhur ) is a recommended sunnah

    •The Prophet said, “Take Suhur, as there is a blessing in it.” (Bukhari)
    •If the Fajr Adhaan starts while you are eating sehri, instead of leaving what you were eating, you should quickly eat it.( Abu Dawood)

    •It is a sunnah to recite the Quran and to revise it in Ramadan. ( Agreed Upon)

  2. Giving charity generously in the month of Ramadan is the sunnah of our Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alayhe Wasallam.(Agreed Upon)•The masnoon rakaat of taraweeh is 8, however since it is a nafil prayer the number of rakaat can be increased or decreased.(Agreed Upon)

    Green Zone for Fasting I.E things that DO NOT break the fast

    •Due to extreme heat, the fasting person is allowed to take a shower and rinse his mouth with water. This does not break the fast.(Abu Dawood)
    •Eating out of forgetfulness does not break the fast. But as soon as a the person realizes that he/she was fasting, then the food in the mouth should be immediately spitted out. (Bukhari)

    •There is no harm in swallowing the saliva while fasting.(Bukhari)

    •Applying kohl in the eyes does not break the fast.(Bukhari) * Good news for us Kajal freaks eh ;p*

    •If the need arises, the food can be tasted (for salt etc), but it should be tasted by placing it at the edge of the tongue. But utmost care should be taken that it should not reach the throat.( Bukhari)

    •Using siwaak while fasting is proven from the sunnah. ( Sahih Bukhari)


Dont’s in Ramadan

  • • If nose drops are used while fasting and if they reach the throat or the stomach, then the fast is broken. (Bukhari)
  • •An injection that does not nourish and its purpose is not to provide energy or nourishment but it is only used as a medicine, then such an injection is allowed while fasting. However if the injection is the type that provides nourishment to sustain the body without food and drink then such an injection breaks the fast.
  • •While fasting it is not allowed to sniff the water too high in the nose that there may be danger that the water might reach the throat.(Tirmizi)
  • •A person who intentionally eats or drinks something while fasting, then he should sincerely repent and make up for the fast.
  • Fasting person should not misbehave or fight
  • •Allah’s Apostle said, “Fasting is a shield (or a screen or a shelter). So, the person observing fast should avoid sexual relations with his wife and should not behave foolishly and impudently, and if somebody fights with him or abuses him, he should tell him twice, ‘I am fasting.” (Bukhari)
  • Fasting person should not lie or commit evil deeds
  • •The Prophet said, “Whoever does not give up forged speech and evil actions, Allah is not in need of his leaving his food and drink (i.e. Allah will not accept his fasting.)” (Bukhari)
  • •Backbiting, lying, fighting, abusing, profanities and arguing corrupts the fast.(Bukhari)
  • • Cracking dirty jokes, obscene vulgar actions, immoral behaviour and conversations on vulgar topics are all forbidden in the state of fasting. (Ibn Khuzaima) (such things are forbidden even under normal conditions but such deeds while fasting corrupts the fast.)

Source :-



As much as i want to get over so many things, its just hard to forget them so quickly. And im sure its not a problem IN me, its not even a problem, it is something not in anyone’s hands.
While some may conquer their will and heart and adjust to any new situation they are in, it takes time or maybe years to get over many things for others.

Its been one month, since i left dubai * for a short trip* and 6 months since i officially left dubai * that is completely shifted to US permanently* . Getting used to the surroundings isnt easy and yet here iam, working part time ,going haywire about my studies, applying,getting accepted then again applying and yet the time goes by…

So basically one fine day, things go wrong. Wrong in the sense, the mobile plan wasnt really my cup of tea and yet it was ENFORCED on me. Well, i understand… i never LIVED in this place, i dont KNOW the trends.. in short im stupid, idiot and a noob in many things, okay i get it..

however it will take for the day to show stars to mark me wrong in mobile phones. I definely have enough IDEA and KNOWLEDGE about mobile phones like anyone else. So basically forcing me to get a TEXTING phone that has a QWERTY keyboard and that too which is of LG’s.. i know where my experience is heading to..

well that pretty much was the last straw and thats where it began. I presume, im becoming a chronic depressed 19 yr old who completely has nothing else to do but cry,wail,become silent and act insolent to everyone around her.

But then, im not someone without hope. My hope lies and always will lie [insHAllah] in my Lord, my Allah, my RUB ! Who has helped me at times when I expected no help and became my source of strength at times when I myself had no strength.

In this mess, i dont want to blame the ppl responsible for it but atleast I have the right to ask for my own independence , my own life that I was used to. Being mature enough to make some of my decisions,definitely does not allow anyone to make it for me *except my parents* and it does not oblige me to bow down to any thing forced on me.

Why wouldnt anyone become a psychotic,depressed ,emo and a maniac in such situations?Why..wouldnt they?

Another day..


So im just sitting in my office, doing billing and taking appointment calls and then running towards facebook when i get the chance to and anxiously waiting for the Semi final between Pakistan and Aus to begin *Heart beat over 100bpm*

Its just another day, work work -break- work , home and sleep * obviously home includes my free time over the internet*

Life is just so predictable right now, with things just going per schedule. Im not sure if this is a good thing or not, but its just that it makes me wonder if it is how it should be? I mean, there is nothing EXTRA ORDINARY about whatever I do..and most importantly i dont do ANYTHING apart from my 5 prayers to devote some time for Allah SWT.

I mean, if i were to give an explanation over my free time and my life to Allah SWT which i will be doing one day if not today or tomorrow, then what will me excuse be for running away from my duties? My life is nothing but that of a robot’s, wake up,work,sleep thats it? And am i doing anything to defy my purpose of life? Is life just restricted to having fun or just working like a pendu [ stupid person] and doing nothing about it?
For those who think , im losing my marbles, im not .. i just wonder sometimes that if we were held accountable for the time we spent in our life what would we say?

Anyhu, moving on, the match is about to begin in50 mins or so and im way too anxious. May Allah SWT help PAKISTAN and PAKISTAN TEAM AMEEN 🙂


Till then, laters, more billing to do -_-


Young VS Old?

Slaaaleeekuuummm :p *Assalamualikum, but yeah this is how desi auntys do salam nowadays*

Hope everything is going fine for all of you. Alhmdulilah my life is a bit stable 🙂 i dont want to keep on complaining like an ungrateful person but yeah i have my ups and downs. Allah SWT is still testing us.. im missing my friends like crazy  but hey 😀 there is some light in this darkness and Alhmd my light is coming soon inshAllah =)*hints a surprise* :p
Working for atleast 2 months now, i think i have gained a lot . I think instead of writing in my resume what i did i should write what I Learned ;D including how to handle panic times with a 60 yr old woman. but thats another story [MAYBE!]

Changing tracks, I was just wondering after looking at my nana lately. It hurts me and i want to cry because there are certain things about life that we ignore. My nana is mashAllah over 75 yrs old, and he is a heart patient. He was diagnosed with diabetes sometime ago. Ever since he has been pretty focused on his dietary intake.

Before i continue with my observation,let me give u a background. My nana is a civil engineer, he had run many projects in Pakistan and what not. He had also served in Pakistan’s navy but whatever it is mashAllah he was something BIG in his time. But now when i see him it hurts me.. he is growing weak day by day and i dont want to accept him as old or anything.. iw ish i can give him my strength because it hurts me. I just feel like if i were in his shoes, if one day i feel so energetic and stuff and the next day i feel weak how would I feel? :S. Even though my nana is so active mashAllah does gardening and all tht stuff it just looks so sad that a person who was so strong before is now finally facing old age and the things. Why dont we understand this? People go and fall for looks, my nana was mashAllah SO handsome, honestly and now what happened? I still compliment him tht he is handsome since his dressing styles remain awesome :p but yeah seriously? Do looks remain forever? People fall for status, does status remain forever?

Those who think that beauty,money and fame is everything should give a thought becuz its all temporary. ONE turnaround of fate can take away everything, what remains is your personality and the inner YOU. make THAT beautiful 🙂

The whole idea is that , we dont realize that health,age and LIFE are those things that are with us for a limited time. We dont know how long will we live or till what time OUR health will remain sound but if we do we wont do what we do today.

Also i just feel we should be more friendly and give more time to our grandparents and try to understand them.. i love my nana and i just dont feel right ignoring him for even 2 mins just to do my work. * I do it a lot of time*.. He prays for all of us and does a lot,and when i see him having some trouble walking or anything it hurts me , may Allah SWT give him a long and pious life ameen.

So yeah thats it for today 🙂


O mankind! if ye have a doubt about the Resurrection, (consider) that We created you out of dust, then out of sperm, then out of a leech-like clot, then out of a morsel of flesh, partly formed and partly unformed, in order that We may manifest (our power) to you; and We cause whom We will to rest in the wombs for an appointed term, then do We bring you out as babes, then (foster you) that ye may reach your age of full strength; and some of you are called to die, and some are sent back to the feeblest old age, so that they know nothing after having known (much), and (further), thou seest the earth barren and lifeless, but when We pour down rain on it, it is stirred (to life), it swells, and it puts forth every kind of beautiful growth (in pairs).”

Masi’s day out and in -_- Rant of a typical ex teen’s bad day

Salamalaikum everyone =D

Hope all of you are doing great *yeah i think i talk to the walls, since my blog is famous among them and not real ppl :p” Right now at this time as my sister gives a small yelp of surprise because of the shrieking phone ring and as my eyes become heavy with the night slumber *Green tea does it* , I still make some effort to blog away some random thoughts 😀

Past two days i have been scared to …well insomnia yeah i know it doesnt make SENSE but honestly i cant sleep because of my stupid nightmares <_< I mean i think im becoming either Harry Potter or Percy Jackson or i dnno what other fictional character you can name me because im having serious troubles with my sleep.

Anyways, so yeah after going to sleep around 2 am in the morning, i wake up to drop off my sister at work. My mom convinces me to go to Walmart with her and do some grocery before the Dars E Quran at our house . Well to some extent im excited because we just purchased a new house you see and the Pakistan custom lives to gift someone over their purchase of something BIG so yeah :p you know why. Apart from that im glad i wont be there because i dont want to be bothered with the aunties and the work. If only the paki aunties were trustable and good id love to be there but yeah (A)

Anyways after spending 2 and half hours at Walmart just to purchase basic stuff i head back home. I mean it, i was as cranky as an infant when they arent able to burp or something. at 10.30am i opened my laptop , wen ton fb , checked my 35 notifications and went on my cricket forum just to be reminded iam banned the *JOY of seeing that message still lives 😀 no sarcasm seriously :p*

Then i go to sleep, and wake up again by the door bell just to see that i have additional work right after i get up . WOW 😀 BAD MORNING CONTINUES WRITERPHOBIC :D. Anyways, so the official housemaid job continued and by 2pm i was free , chatted with 2 of my dearest friends and once again got back to work. My life has taken drastic changes including this one -_-

Anyways, i think green tea is finally taking its toll . Incase people dont know why am i referring to green tea as the cause of my drowsiness is because green tea helps u go to sleep. And no im not officially diagnosed with insomnia.

Laters everyone. Massalam 🙂

Moral of the Post today

“Never get up early at 8.30 am just to be dragged off to Walmart. Spoils the day.

Signed and Sealed”

My Miracle


first of all I would thank my Allah SWT a lot for everything He has given me, for all the Blessings  I have and for each and every minute thing.

I am currently lost in emotions and as i type this im crying like a stupid girl. I feel like going in sajdah and i also feel like jumping and hitting myself hard. I dont know what is right. But what i could think of was to share with u all, something i just realized.

I was bored and because i had a tough day at work, i decided to “relax” by watching a movie. Recently on 14th feb the movie Valentine’s Day was released and it had a big cast for an average  story line . I thought i would go and watch it online.

I was surfing through and finally got a link, within 10s my computer went haywire, the antivirus thingy popped up and showed 32 + trojans inside. I knew i had messed up, i tried everything. My FF wouldnt open neither would IE. I was seriously helpless and i started panicking. yes i did started to panic when even Avira gave in. So then i started my wird of astaghfar and help to Allah SWT. Instantly  i realized where i was wrong…not only was i wasting my time watching a romantic movie but i was also going against my own teachings.I remembered i sent a mail on V day in Islam and now i was watching a movie that basically was the main concept.I was being hypocritical and disobedient. May Allah SWT forgive me  😦 i was so ashamed.

As soon as i rememberd this, Allah SWT prompted me an idea to system restore my computer and now  Alhmdulillah my laptop is back. When it returned to normal i didnt know how to thank my Lord. It was not a matter of a laptop, but it was how Allah SWT taught me something BIG through something so SMALL and I feel so ashamed of myself but at the same time my love for my Allah SWT just increased more.

Seriously how much wrongs we do and we dont realize? and why dont we see how much our Lord loves us and listens to us ? Oh Allah forgive me and plz keep my computer in shape too ameen :$ and yeah just thought ill share this with all of u..seriously it was a miracle i achieved today that strengthened my Iman!


“For all that i have my Lord, for all that iam, is from You, is for You and to You i will return “

Adjusting to new habitat

Salamalaikum 🙂
As i look at the calender today *surprise surprise* it is March the 1st or going to be, well im pretty stubborn not to just follow the US timings yet, i remain firm on my ground to follow UAE timings (A) so on my laptop it shows 7.57AM , March 1st. So yeah happy March 1st to all of you . Hope your march goes well and safe Ameen.

Well ill try this post not to be as depressing as the previous one. I know most of your just read half of what i blabbered and ran away with a shout ” EEK!! EMO STRIKES!! RUN FOR URE LIVESS!!” but well i truly understand. The thing is that at that time i was going through some serious rush of emotions ( i still do “CAUTION” ) but well its a bit stable now.. i miss UAE and i cant wait to go back there and meet my fiends and enjoy my Oh-so-ROMANTIC ❤ – Weather and beach 😦 Sigh!. On the other hand a lot has been happening, got a new apartment,car, started working anddd recieved my first paycheck. Dont know what to do with it so i have just randomly opened MAC’s website to see some good online deals * as if i will purchase, even tho im working i’ll still spend carefully cuz im a pendu business student and i know recession still exists* so yeah. Erm.. nevertheless my hands still itch its like the common female pre shopping syndrome =/

-OUCHness personified-

Changing tracks, I have been doing a lot of extra curricular work, sendin religious mails,editing and posting them on FB and whatever else i can do. Im not exactly becoming a preacher * i lack the credentials* but in the process of Da’wah i have realized that once you start spreading a message,whatever it might be, it is not easy. I mean even if it is a lecture on lets say 5 pillars of Islam or Phonic sounds, people differ in opinions. I mean there are categories of people: some agree,some dont some are confused*good or bad*.
Another thing i noticed is that even if your provide the proper sources and references people who dont want to accept give weird and out of the blue justifications just to prove the wrong right and It gives me that irrational urge to just go and make them believe that what they are doing is plain WRONG and they need to get out of their slumber..because it will mislead them 😦


It makes me laugh though how people just cling to the practices of their forefathers and ancestors and refuse to bow down to their peers. Or that they believe they have reached a certain break even point that nobody can teach them anything and they will not deter from their path *that is they will get misguided* Allah hidayat dein agar aisi baat hoti tou phir Rasulallah SAW age barriers set kerdetey or hum sab 50’s ki age me aaker party kertey k WAH JI WAH MAAF HOGAYE BAKHSHEY GAYE AYE HAYE ❤
Translation ” May Allah SWT give Guidance Ameen. Had this been the case the Prophet would have set age barriers and whenever we reached our 50’s we would party for being forgiven”

Anyways just my little two cents or maybe 2 fils or nahi 50 dhs (A) <Lame>

Massalam 🙂

“It is not the cruelty of God that restricts us from good or bad, it is us … For Allah SWT {God} has given us Sha’oor ( Wisdom) to make decisions and decide our own future in this word and the next “

Desperate moments

I dont know what made me come back, i really dont know if i have a proper issue to talk about today in my post but all i can say is that for some reason I had this urge to write down my thoughts and preserve them. Maybe one day when i read them again ill be able to laugh them off as an “unlucky patch” of my life.

Either way its just irrational and stupid of me to come back after a very long time and post just to make this already deserted blog a little more gloomy… oh well like i said i hope that is just an unlucky patch!

Over the last few months, things happened to take a U turn in my life, it all happened too fast to actually recall the root cause of all this. For many this sort of change would have been welcomed but i guess there are exceptions in every case. In the end however, i had shifted to US within the blinking of an eye.

I was born and raised for 19 years in UAE. I can recall ample amounts of precious moments that i have associated to that place, although bad times strike all of us it still does not justify a reason to hate or loathe a place that u have grown up in. We had applied for the citizenship of USA a long time ago, which was finalized in the ending months of the year 2009. I dont know if the timing was perfect or not because i was about to step into the most crucial study year of my life. Hence everything was finalized and i had to move in.
A month later today, while a snow storm strikes in the outskirts of Salisbury, MD and my dad prepares and makes arrangements before he leaves for Dubai on 20th of this month, nothing but feelings of sorrow, despair and unhappiness surrounds me. There are way too many reasons for this and explaining each of them is just not possible. for the fact that people have lost patience to hear and that its of no use.
In desperate attempts, i pick up my mobile and browse through those 1400 pictures which consists of all the precious moments that i had spent with my friends back, the birthday messages and finally the awful farewell texts that force me to press the “delete” button and get them over with because deep down i havent really accepted the fact i have left UAE.

Its an explicable attachment to that place and forgetting it in a period of 1 month is hard. I know i wont be able to fit in, or adjust to new surroundings. I get used to stuff but basically its not something im so good at, its a stupid ideology and a misconception that Ms.writerphobic’s best personality trait is to adapt to things but in the end of the day I know myself better and I know i never adapt but i silently accept things the way they are and “try” to move on.

I miss the way my life was back then, it was just close to perfect. I thank Allah SWT for everything He gave me so that i could enjoy my life there to the fullest. I still thank Allah SWT for providing me such opportunities that many dont get, but i just pray that i get back the previous life soon :(.

I miss My friends alot who really gave me a lot more than i could have asked for, i simultaneously thank Allah SWT for giving me such friends who loved me for who i was and not what i was. Such friends are a blessing and i hope everyone gets them. I miss them everyday and every night and amongst the special group of friend i had some special people too who really made my life worth it. Its so weird that all of a sudden i had to let them go when i really didnt want to. If only i could be given a span of 2 yrs to be with them i wouldnt have ever minded, it could have been enough or all that i ever needed. My friends were an epitome of good luck, if i was mistakenly roaming around alone they would drag me somewhere and make my day ever so beautiful. If i ever did bad in an assignment they would protest to the teacher and make up to the bad work done, if by chance i degraded myself on a high note then they would make sure that doubt was erased. If i happened to be quiet on once in a blue moon day they would question me till i got so annoyed that i resumed my usual talk.
One of whom i was very close to made sure that we both discussed each and every hour of our life, analyze it and then discuss our options. I remember studying late night with her till 4 am, calling her at odd hours of the night just to listen to her speak and enjoy the usual panic before an exam [hahahah] its funny how it just vanished into thin air…
Nobody really knows which day can be their last or the fact that when their most prized possession in this world can be taken away from them just like that.

It is crazy, it is stupid and it is unpredictable but in the end that is what you just name life and play the games it imposes you to play..

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