A blogger hailing from the Middle east but a die hard pakistani blogging away whatever she feels like it.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Salam sis, i’m the writer of diary of a mad muslim woman. wanted to write to you but didnt have ur info so found you on here. delete this comment after you read it if you like since it’s got nothing to do with ur about me 🙂 i haven’t blogged for a couple of years now and this is the first request i got since then to access the blog. One of the reasons i stopped blogging is because the more i lived and learned, the more i became embarassed about my previous ideas or ways of conveying things. I decided to stop blogging and being embarassed later about things i put out there in ignorance. that being said, i gave u access but i don’t necessarily agree with/ still stand for everything on the site (although i havent rly looked at it closely for a long time).

    p.s.: i don’t know you, do i? it’s fine if i don’t, just curious.


  2. writerphobic on said:

    Oohh okayy. I understand we all get a bit embarassed and guilty of what our thoughts and opinions were before . Its totally fine =)
    I found the title to be interesting which is why i went ahead with it LOL :$

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