Moral filled story for the youth.

Muslim Hijabi

“C’mon my friend told me to buy this magazine. Everyone has it, It has all the latest fashions and where to buy it. Like the cutest tanktops and shorts. The newest fashion in the city!”

“What kind of fashion?”

“Do you live in a cave or something? All the girls wear skinny jeans or shorts, a hot tanktop, and have perfect hair! Thats the fashion and you will look amazing if you try that out…How come youre always wearing something that looks like from youre grandma’s closet? No offense. But you need to be part of this century girl.”

“Then how come you girls are really “opressing” yourself by freely showing your body? You tell us, the covered ones, that we’re dealt with unjustly but really its you guys that are going out so confidently but the next thing you know, something terrible happens to you. Thats called unjust &…

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