Limited offer.. can YOU make it to the top awesome people?


The 21st roza? Can you believe it? I dont know about y’all out there but I was just starting to get USED to the blissful atmosphere and now its going. Just 9 more fasts and this beautiful month of Ramadan will be gone for a year.I feel I achieved nothing and probably gained nothing till now. The time went by so quick and people were complaining about 16-17 hour fasts. Alhmdulillah I felt nothing and even if I did , I do not consider it worthy or that important to publicize it or go around telling people about my so called “awesome” effort in fasting.We should know our personal desires/feelings/emotions etc may seem important to us but in reality they mean less or nothing at all. Therefore analyze them before you consider them worthy.

But but but.. those lazy bums like me who really want to grab the limited offer available should try their level best to avail them AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.Last ashra ( last 10 days) and still ONE major goal to achieve i.e LAYL UT AL QADR aka the night of Power aka the night that is better than a thousand months aka AWESOME PACKAGE FOR ALL OF US OUT THERE!! So what are y’all waiting for? Grab your Qur’an, prayer mat,tasbih or book of duas and start searchin’!

Here are some tips I am going to work on, thought I’d share with my invisible readers too :p

a) STOP the usual things we  usually do i.e FBing for no reason all the time, thinking of what to make at iftar this fine evening, gossiping,wasting time in listening music,playing games etc. Concentrate on your resources that you have right now and make the best out of it. Like Adam smith once said Each man to its own, start accumulating all that you have to get ample forgiveness,rewards and forgiveness.
(Drag your family members too , dont just fall for adam smith’s penduness just cuz I said so :p )

b) Make a list of duas If you have a lot of duas like I do,even if they have to be the most random duas ever ( For ex : Allah SWT get me an SLR camera before my sister’s marriage ) jot it down or make a list. I have not thought of making my list yet because I have organizing issues but I think i will try to inshAllah. This will help you concentrate on your ibadah more.

c)Do NOT single out an odd night according to guesswork/lucky number-ness/randomness/”my mom said so”ness Yes exactly. It is a popular misconception that Layl ut al Qadr will be on the 27th. So we happen to see huge crowd (desis specially ) on this particular night. Come on guys.. rasulallah SAW never ever singled out which night , infact he encouraged us to search for it in the odd nights of the last ten days. How can you be so sure it is the 27th? The blessed night was found on the 25th too . Distinguish the night with proper knowledge from ahadith and do not let go of the other precious nights that lay ahead.

Narrated by ‘Aisha

Allah’s Apostle said, “Search for the Night of qadr in the odd nights of the last ten days of Ramadan.” Sahih Bukhari

d) Ask for Allah SWT’s forgiveness for yourself, your family,your friends– in this month when the doors of Paradise are open, wont it be a perfect opportunity for us muslims to pray like crazy to erase our names from the list of those who will enter Jahannam ( Hell fire)?  Wont it be  a perfect opportunity to ask Allah SWT to make our death easy for us, to widen our graves, to make us good muslims and to forgive our sins-big or small.

e) Enjoy & savour the blessings of this beautiful month– Truly, this month is like a guest. The days pass by so quickly and you wish you had done more. Do not limit your fasting to just being hungry but try to accomplish more. InshAllah, I will try to do it too. We should try to do as much as we can and try not to be amongst those who may regret [Allah forbids]. Do not waste time preparing for Eid now.. very very bad time :p You should have done it earlier, but if there is anything left try to do it as soon as possible and dont spend precious time on it.

So thats it people. Good luck with the treasure hunt 😉 May AllaH SWT forgive our sins and accept our worship and grant us Jannah Ameen. May Allah SWT make us amongst those who are exempted from the trials of the grave and the Hell fire. May AllaH SWT help us achieve the night of power Ameen.


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