14th August 2011…wounded pride but still alive!

Lets become green for today  Shall we :D? No im not being environmentally friendly,i am just happy to celebrate the 64th Independence day of Pakistan :)May Allah SWT bless my country, the country I love from the core of my heart. May Allah SWT make the coming days and years for pakistan so fruitful in everyway that in the end it becomes the greatest country in this world and in the Hereafter, Allah SWT is happy with the efforts of the people too Ameen.

I was not a crazy or a die hard Pakistani from day 1 but certain experiences and growing up with certain beliefs made me just love my country in a different way. I feel my love for my country different than many would.I dont want to sound so boastful but I know it is not for selfish reasons*does food count?* and I really wish that this kind of love was in the hearts of those running the country..On this 14th August 2011, I’d like to share a dream that I had a long time ago but I still have not forgotten it. As if it was some sort of a wakeup call for me as a Pakistani and more as a Muslim… maybe to bring reforms even if I were to be alone in this mission.


I saw that Qaid -e-Azam and I had to go and meet someone really important somewhere and the whole country was actually counting for us to meet them. And it was something really important that we had to discuss, so I went with Qaid e azam and knocked at the door of that important person.The door opened and that person asked us to go back and wait for anothertime to discuss because we ( i.e me and Baba e Qaum)did not make an appointment and thus we would have to wait.
Qaid-e-azam agreed and I asked him why did he do this? And he just said it wasnt right for us, we should have followed the proper procedure. ( may Allah SWT forgive me if anything was wrong in this but as far as I could remember this was the gist of my whole dream)

I woke up and for a few days I was so happy because i saw Qaid e azam!Someone whom all pakistanis idolize and keep talking about his supreme greatness for Pakistan and what not.But then i realized, the dream had a lot more to it than just watching the founder of Pakistan. It was the meaning..

I will not go into much details and I will not bring in the government . We know the government is pretty well NOT PAKISTANI but what about us? The citizens of pakistan? Lets take a few examples shall we 😉

  • a)The streets of pakistan– people throw away litter, throw their spit or paan juice or leave really smelly waste to rot either on their streets or in the neighbourhood. Does anyone even try to clean that up? Is that a sign of a neat and clean country that our Qaid envisaged? Much more, our rasulallah SAW once said “Cleanliness is half of faith” .this is NOT cleanliness. And if anyone tries to do it, people discourage him/her saying ” yahan koi nahi kerta” ( Nobody does this here). Atleast have some shame and help in the good cause.
  • b)Selfishness & greed- What we want for ourselves do we even try to think the same for those around us? I once heard some aunty not wearing a lawn suit because her maid had the same print. Seriously? Rasulallah SAW is reported to have said “None of you will have complete faith till he wishes to have  for his brother what he likes for himself” So why the attitude? Similarly in many trivial matters, this disease is affecting the nation of pakistan and spoiling them on a huge scale. Which is why we see an uprise in so many criminal cases and what not
  • c)Ignorance,Illiteracy&Continuation to live in old and pagan rituals Women being treated like scum by men because “mard mard hota hai” instead of respecting her and treating her like a princess/queen like the prophet SAW did. Sheer ignorance of many important matters and no education *by choice* is the root cause of many ill practices. We should educate ourselves in both the religion and the worldly education to make our country better afterall the nation’s best assets lies in the educated class doesnt it?
  • d)Unity,Faith and Discipline-where art thou?- I loved this principal of Qaid yet it is now as if it is invisible. People break away from lines, break rules out of sheer pride and ‘fun’. if someone stops at a signal whenit is RED people honk at you from behind as if you did something highly despicable. No respect for law and citizens. And most importantly , Disunity. Disunity in many minor things which leads to major stuff but why? We are an Ummah first of all where we come united already but apart from that our identity, THAT unites us doesnt it? Yet people divide themselves into “Khite” “Punjaban KURI” and have no respect for any other cultural background.

Pakistan was built on the soil that was wet with the sweat,blood and sacrifices of our ancestors who just wanted their future generation to have a land full of peace,security and justice. To be able to bow down to their Lord and have no fear for being slaughtered like an animal. For being able to voice out a plea for justice and not to worry about the family being put into danger. For being able to share the love of being Pakistanis and not being dragged and tortured for daring such a thought.

Lets make a promise to ourselves atleast to start off with the minor things, to GIVE to pakistan when it needs donations of kindness and love that IMF cannot give at all. If someone litters the streets, stop them. If someone does injustice atleast strive to make it better. If someone asks you to bribe them with money or favors so that you can get a job, walk away from it.If someone breaks a rule, YOU follow it and set up an example. Remember, allama iqbal and qaid e azam were only 1 person who brought about a revolution. Now its our Turn 😉

Pakistan Zindabad.. Pakistan painda baad INSHALLAH ❤

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2 thoughts on “14th August 2011…wounded pride but still alive!

  1. Nice article. And lol at: Iqbal and Quaid were 1 person???

    • writerphobic on said:

      Thank you 🙂 and 1 person as in Allama iqbal had a vision that encouraged people to start thinking of having their own country and Qaid e azam worked on it 🙂

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