You call yourself Pakistani… on what grounds?


I hear my national anthem almost every month. Its kind of a stupid thing I guess, but it keeps my love intact for Pakistan. It is true that in some blogs of mine I have shown that I have given up for a better Pakistan and sometimes I have expressed hope in it. Maybe I do sound like a two faced Pakistani or maybe someone not sure of the future of Pakistan..but my love for Pakistan is just so much its kind of hard to describe..

I get jealous when some other country/nation tries to overcome something my country is good at. I scrunch my face into a snarl or grunt in disagreement when someone bashes my country. I feel anger towards the people of my country when they try to impose their meaning of Pakistan and end up making fun of it.
My post today is not going to be something every Pakistani would like. It will hurt sentiments which are not basically yours or mine in particular but something that is NOT ours at all.
I came across some tagged friend’s friend’s album who had a ‘beach party’ in karachi and over there were a night dance club.Going through the pictures I found ultimate beyhoodgi(immodesty) and stuff that is well..despicable. Some week ago I watched a trailer of  a movie coming out in Pakistan.. BOL in which a very famous singer was seen singing in a crowd of mixed gathering that was busy dancing and having ‘fun’. I see muslims and specially Muslim Pakistanis involved in bollywood gossip and addicted to their films/songs/lifestyles. Heck they even speak like them “Me ko tera jaisa kapra chahye” ” Me ko bhi do” “Oh how naughty!!” etc etc. I see Pakistani models adapting the lifestyle of west and portraying it under the name of Pakistan Fashion Industry. I see the youth of Pakistan involved in such deplorable acts that make my head bow down in shame.. forget the free mixing of genders (apart from school/colleges/universities) but what other things they waste their time in..bribery/gambling and other heinous or immodest acts.

My question is.. is this your identity?Today if a Pakistan vs India cricket match comes up, the whole nation starts bashing indians and call them names and show pride by painting their face green and white. People would come out on streets and wave the flag just for 1 GAME ( I am a cricket fanatic).But after that?Who are we? Are we a bunch of western copy cats who would blindly adapt whatever they do or think or believe in? People wear such tight an revealing clothes just like some random blondes would. They SPEAK like them

” hahaha i know haha so?haha okay ill see you haha byee haha”
“great.. i wake up late get into an accident and arrive late to class.. FML”
“aww.loveyou too c: / (: ”

They take pictures like them with one hand in their hair and their face formed into one pendu *stupid* pout trying to be some models which they obviously cannot be.
Where is the influence coming from?! Why do we have to follow and adapt their principals of life in every single thing. Dressing up like them * i am not against jeans or shirts but over here i am talking about topless, tanktops,tight fitting and immodest clothing*, speaking like them, taking pictures like them, implementing their messed up stuff and then go around waving flags of Pakistan? Chanting meaningless support for Pakistan ?

“Parcham e sitaar o hilaal” This line from the national anthem talks about Pakistan’s flag not India,not US or UK ..NOT malaysia or egypt but PAKISTAN. Qaid’s Pakistan. The Pakistan our ancestors fought for.

What will you, oh youth of Pakistan, do for your country when your acts are drenching with immaculate adaptation  of other cultures and tradition? How do you expect prosperity in your country when you are busy bringing in other traditions that do not suit the motto and basic intention Pakistan was built on?Do you even know on what Pakistan was built on?
We have great talent in every single thing. When this country can raise stars like Imran Khan, Shoaib Akhtar, Shahid Khan Afridi.. when this country can have the world’s best and delicious tasting mangoes..when this country can have a deep sense of moving forward..then this country is capable enough to live and bring forth generations after generations that survive on the cultures of Pakistan ONLY and not other traditions.

It hurts to see fellow Pakistani men and women involved in a lifestyle that hardly does anything for Pakistan. We are busy profiting other countries while our mother country is on thin threads of life. Save it before its too late..

“Saya e Khuda Zul jalaal” Pakistan Zindabad ❤

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2 thoughts on “You call yourself Pakistani… on what grounds?

  1. May Allah guide the youth of Pakistan. The youth of Pakistan is the tomorrow of Pakistan.. and when tomorrows’ generation is so messed up currently, how can we expect change? Lack of morals, ethics and religious education has done this, and until these things are introduced, Pakistan will continue on its’ downfall.

  2. writerphobic on said:

    Ameen. The thing that pisses me off really bad is that these youth who dress,talk,act and do everything like the gorey and all they would wear a fake mask of patriotism on small matters. But on a general basis where the heck are they? You cannot make out who is a muslim or a pakistani now , majority would be busy doing things that are not in line with out morals or culture.

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