Summer begins

Peace be on all the fellas out there!

Hope y’all doing good and enjoying the heat of summer. Its clocking over 95 degrees Fahrenheit and people are going crazy. Literally crazy :p.
As for me it just results in more skin problems. Ever since I have moved in here my skin has really not adjusted to the environment. I never knew skin had feelings :p or maybe my skin is a special one who knows? But the fact that I cannot even stay in the sun for even 5 mins without risking a horrible sun burn outbreak is really annoying. I use a sunsceen with SPF 70 so you can imagine how bad my skin is in summers.I think Dubai jinxed it when i was leaving it because it never happened there 😦

Changing tracks, I finally got a kitten called Bon Bon. She is one adorable lump of fur and although she bit my lips this morning and continues to act like a Ninja kitty, there is no doubt that my love for cats can ever subside. I would suggest everyone to have a kitten because the things they do is SO CUTE! You cant ever stop loving them <3. Here is how she looks like :p

Bon Bon aka Bonnie

So my semester is over and I am swatting flies to kill time :p its funny how everyone wishes for more time and when they get it they misuse it. I am included in ‘everyone’ as well. But its scary if you ever think about it that once you arequestioned about where did your time go you wont be able to actually keep a record of it … its about time we all start utilizing our time properly before its too late.
I really do not have anything to say but this blog entry is just to keep this blog alive. Just a few reminders to those who actually read my blog *knock knock?* that ramadan is around the corner

and we really need to make sure we have a good plan for ramadan. Just think of which duas you need to ask Allah for. I know mine *yay* so im going to stress on that inshAllah :p

So thats it, advanced Ramadan kareem but there will be a blog entry specially for that =D inshAllah! See you guys soon!
Masalam 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Summer begins

  1. You’re right, we need to use our time properly. Ramadan is that time to really sort ourselves out and keep ourselves the same throughout the entire year.

    And cute cat indeed. =D

  2. i agree! we shud get ready for Ramadan and we barely know where the time goes!:p

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