With you always, Pakistan Cricket Team!

Afridi has been like the Lion leading his pride



It has been just 3-4 hours since pakistan cricket team’s latest and astounding victory against the Australians and till now I am just reminiscing  the whole match.

This world cup looks FEELS different. Something about this whole tournament sends signals that this time, after many years, something different will happen, something spectacular something worth remembering this world cup for. And so far it has been true, we can see events unfolding in such a manner. A tie between India and England? Bangladesh defeating England? Ireland..a minnow chasing 300? WOW! So basically we all know that hopefully this year, it will be a new WC champion for a change.

Being a die hard cricket fan for almost 7 years now, I cannot imagine missing out any match of Pakistan… I could list the extent of crazy things I have done to express my love for Pakistan team * not to forget scribbling the names of pakistani players and drawing slogans of support at the back of my examination paper*.

Over the recent years, Pakistan cricket had  suffered the ill fate due to the politics played by the board. Just like the current political instability , the governing board of Pakistan cricket board played a pivotal role in making the fate look exactly the same.However, it is very surprising that even then [MashAllah] Pakistan team has proven to be worth the team to play against! True that Pakistan cricket had a dark period surrounding them..controversies,speculations,consiststent change of captains and player politics . Not to forget the horrifying incident that took away the right to host World cup. But despite all these hurdles, Pakistan cricket team appeared to come out stronger and mightier.

Pakistan is an unpredictable team no doubt and yes Pakistan has lost matches it was about to win. But the numerous amount of times they have given us happiness when things looked bleak for the country as a whole and how records that were deemed as impossible to break were broken by this team.. I think, I, as an individual, could not ask for more.

Although I do daydream and pray like a crazy fanatic for Pakistan to bring the cup home , I will always support my team :). A team that just ended  the 34 match winning streak of  defending WC champions for 3 years, can do ANYTHING, ANYTIME and ANYWHERE 🙂


The Pride of Pakistan lies in the players who value it the most

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2 thoughts on “With you always, Pakistan Cricket Team!

  1. channu on said:

    INSHALLAH..very nicely written. Cricket is the only happiness of Pakistan at this point sad but true.

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