Curing Moodiness

2:30am, a brisk cold yet a sunny afternoon being lazily spent on a Wednesday. As much as I want to continue with the amount of boredom I am going through at the moment I cannot help but to  blog and actually try to talk about something else.

Right now im at work and the day is just a bit slow. Not that slow i mean 2-3 patients every 30-45 mins yet my colleague who sits at the front  and signs in patients is panting like a dog and keeps saying Oh lordy lordy. When actually there is not ANYTHING to pant about 0_o. I mean if only 2 patients come in at the same time it is a day when she wants to do some of the following
a) Die
b) Go to bed
c) Become young again ( she is 60)

Oh well, because of this I am her favorite prey to pounce on! I have to neglect all my bills and do her work instead because she is not one of the brightest of the lot ( and old people are supposed to be wiser?) plus she is lazy. Pure lazy. I sometimes think maybe her chair is haunted by a lazy ghost who died while being so lazy that his/her body couldnt handle anymore. So anyway *munching on a chocolate covered pretzel*, Winter Blues are around the corner. Haunting down anyone they  find in their way and make them look as lazy as a pendu ( Pendu is someone who matches the situation of complete absurdness and stupidity). So yeah, I think im a fresh victim of it because last 2-3 days have been comepletely stressful and moody for me ^_^ not only that people around me got affected too. Pretty sad because sometimes you just plan to get affected and healed by your own disease and cures but little do we know that sometimes people who care for us alot and want to see us happy all the time get affected too =[ and its not good at all.. you can loose a lot of people and if not a lot atleast SOME people who actually have a huge role to play in your happiness and at times of hardship. Also what can be worse if you lose Allah SWT , your Creator’s, your Lord’s and Your source of comfort and inner peace? By losing Allah SWT  I mean to say that we can lose His Blessings in our life by countless ungratefulness and moodiness.

The Blessings and Favor of Allah SWT in our lives are many but we dont actually thank Him do we? Specially ME. You see it is the nature of man that if any thing affects him or causes him slight unease he will forget all the favors and blessings of his life and mourn the loss he is induldged in. But like my sister said to me once,that, the one who even says thanks and praises His lord in the most difficult and uneasy situation is the most dearest to Allah SWT. Nobody’s life is perfect or even close to it but we all have a life that does have something that makes it special. Find it and cherish it and thank Allah SWT for it. We may not realize it now but we will later but lets not wait for ‘later’ because probably at that time it will not matter and no matter how much we try it will be gone and taken away from us and given to someone who deserves it most.

Furthermore, we girls are pretty famous for our mood swings and all just because perception wise we have a lot of demands. Which may be true for some but not for a lot. But at times when things do feel blue and not right , we should work together to do something productive and not just sulk in our gloomy emo shadow. If one of us feels that way the other person should motivate her to do something that would make her FEEL better and positive about anything that bothers her =] A bit of remembrance of Allah SWT would do too =)

May Allah SWT make us His loving,devoting and THANKFUL servants and make Me a follower of my own preachings AMEEN 🙂

Happy SMILES to all of you X infinity number of days raise to the power of hours,minutes and seconds 🙂

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