Tea is necessary for addicts like me

Lets just start about how great TEA is , seriously. I dont care if it is for addicts or if it has nicotine in it * Some serious myth which was why my cousin stopped drinking it* . But whatever it is, it is GREAT!

Two minutes before, I was actually drowsing away thinking of how to escape for a while and take a short nap. However i decided to actually go and make myself some tea.

*takes a sip*

Life just cant get any better can it now? So yeah, now im all set to start off my blog =D after a month *sheepish smile*

So basically, my days are going pretty weird. Its like every day , I experience something new that shakes me to the core. But its not JUST that, it is also the lesson that comes along with it. I wont go in any more details but seriously speaking we need to get our heads straight and start understanding we are loads better and so blessed than some people..

Reason why I say so is because honestly speaking none of us know when will we die. Some die young, some die old there is no proper life span of anything be it humans , animals or non living objects. No matter how much we live, we should always be thankful to Allah SWT our Lord for whatever we have, cuz even if we live for like 50 years or so, and death comes to us. Man we would have wasted 49 years of our life regretting, being ungrateful and being arrogant to the blessings we had in our lives.
So yeah, life isnt easy for anyone. We are bound to have difficulties in life because this life in this world is a cultivating ground for us, to struggle as much as we can, remember Allah SWT in ever aspect of our life be it happiness or grief and earn ourselves good deeds to enter Jannah, the ever lasting abode in the hereafter.

Also, recently, my friends are starting to  get out of university and peek out of their books. Im so glad because when i was there, we hardly went out and my teachers kept saying we need to stop being such nerds for once. So yeah, however going through their pictures is still very emotional and its hard not breaking down into tears when your best friend calls and inquires about keeping emo statuses,acting like a concerned mom =/ Sigh i love them!

Changing tracks, pakistan cricket and pakistan itself is going through some serious downfall. Not that I blame anyone for this, they are bringing destruction on themselves by doing deeds that call upon the Wrath and Anger of Allah. However cricket is one thing that will hurt the nation the most, as it was the only thing that brought happiness to the nation =[

Sigh, now i think I should stop. I wish some patients would tart coming and make things a bit faster but well =[ its a slow day and i hope it gets over fast.

Adios everyone!

Allahafiz 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Idiosyncracies

  1. thassan24 on said:

    hahah i like the picture!:PP

  2. writerphobic on said:

    LOL ;p its so cute isnt it?

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