Another day..


So im just sitting in my office, doing billing and taking appointment calls and then running towards facebook when i get the chance to and anxiously waiting for the Semi final between Pakistan and Aus to begin *Heart beat over 100bpm*

Its just another day, work work -break- work , home and sleep * obviously home includes my free time over the internet*

Life is just so predictable right now, with things just going per schedule. Im not sure if this is a good thing or not, but its just that it makes me wonder if it is how it should be? I mean, there is nothing EXTRA ORDINARY about whatever I do..and most importantly i dont do ANYTHING apart from my 5 prayers to devote some time for Allah SWT.

I mean, if i were to give an explanation over my free time and my life to Allah SWT which i will be doing one day if not today or tomorrow, then what will me excuse be for running away from my duties? My life is nothing but that of a robot’s, wake up,work,sleep thats it? And am i doing anything to defy my purpose of life? Is life just restricted to having fun or just working like a pendu [ stupid person] and doing nothing about it?
For those who think , im losing my marbles, im not .. i just wonder sometimes that if we were held accountable for the time we spent in our life what would we say?

Anyhu, moving on, the match is about to begin in50 mins or so and im way too anxious. May Allah SWT help PAKISTAN and PAKISTAN TEAM AMEEN 🙂


Till then, laters, more billing to do -_-


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4 thoughts on “Another day..

  1. Rosemin on said:

    Yaar Safa what is this????….which site is this????………it looks as though im in fairy land..
    hahahah……..amazing……its good to read all what u wrote… hows life going on???
    always work and work?? we are really missing u a looooottt……u know what this thursday we have programs, u know that bukwaas DJ…and some dances…dedication of songs…+ product launch all in 1 day, so we decided to go…..
    u have written if u dedicate ur life for Allah then its like running away frm ur duties…..
    its not…..unless u dedicate ur life to God, there is no meaning for life and u will not move forward…….hmm? am i becoming a little bit Safa.meow??? hahaha
    ok then bye…all the best…♥

    • writerphobic on said:

      I miss you too rosemine and im glad ure not becoming like ME because that is such a bad thing 😦 *hugs* Ure the best rose! miss you and princy alot =] u guys were such a help and support! Miss u loads *hugs* sorry for the late reply i just saw it now =/

      • Rosemin on said:

        aawwww……..u r such a cuttiest and goodiest girl i ever met….♥……how r u safa????
        *♥*HAPPY RAMADAN*♥*….May Allah bring u a friend who will always keep u happy & never let u feel alone..
        now its our 8th sem..and what abt ur university???r u working and learning??…..we miss u a lot……♥♥♥…….
        mid term is over before Ramadan…..we got our manag. accounting paper…i got 25….infact we all got 25 [GIRLS ONLY]…..hope to see u soon inshallah…..
        ok then…take care….bye…♥♥♥

      • writerphobic on said:

        awww rosie ure so sweeet *hugs* thanku 🙂 Ameen at ure dua rosie 🙂 miss u guys a lot sachi

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