Masi’s day out and in -_- Rant of a typical ex teen’s bad day

Salamalaikum everyone =D

Hope all of you are doing great *yeah i think i talk to the walls, since my blog is famous among them and not real ppl :p” Right now at this time as my sister gives a small yelp of surprise because of the shrieking phone ring and as my eyes become heavy with the night slumber *Green tea does it* , I still make some effort to blog away some random thoughts 😀

Past two days i have been scared to …well insomnia yeah i know it doesnt make SENSE but honestly i cant sleep because of my stupid nightmares <_< I mean i think im becoming either Harry Potter or Percy Jackson or i dnno what other fictional character you can name me because im having serious troubles with my sleep.

Anyways, so yeah after going to sleep around 2 am in the morning, i wake up to drop off my sister at work. My mom convinces me to go to Walmart with her and do some grocery before the Dars E Quran at our house . Well to some extent im excited because we just purchased a new house you see and the Pakistan custom lives to gift someone over their purchase of something BIG so yeah :p you know why. Apart from that im glad i wont be there because i dont want to be bothered with the aunties and the work. If only the paki aunties were trustable and good id love to be there but yeah (A)

Anyways after spending 2 and half hours at Walmart just to purchase basic stuff i head back home. I mean it, i was as cranky as an infant when they arent able to burp or something. at 10.30am i opened my laptop , wen ton fb , checked my 35 notifications and went on my cricket forum just to be reminded iam banned the *JOY of seeing that message still lives 😀 no sarcasm seriously :p*

Then i go to sleep, and wake up again by the door bell just to see that i have additional work right after i get up . WOW 😀 BAD MORNING CONTINUES WRITERPHOBIC :D. Anyways, so the official housemaid job continued and by 2pm i was free , chatted with 2 of my dearest friends and once again got back to work. My life has taken drastic changes including this one -_-

Anyways, i think green tea is finally taking its toll . Incase people dont know why am i referring to green tea as the cause of my drowsiness is because green tea helps u go to sleep. And no im not officially diagnosed with insomnia.

Laters everyone. Massalam 🙂

Moral of the Post today

“Never get up early at 8.30 am just to be dragged off to Walmart. Spoils the day.

Signed and Sealed”

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