My Miracle


first of all I would thank my Allah SWT a lot for everything He has given me, for all the Blessings  I have and for each and every minute thing.

I am currently lost in emotions and as i type this im crying like a stupid girl. I feel like going in sajdah and i also feel like jumping and hitting myself hard. I dont know what is right. But what i could think of was to share with u all, something i just realized.

I was bored and because i had a tough day at work, i decided to “relax” by watching a movie. Recently on 14th feb the movie Valentine’s Day was released and it had a big cast for an average  story line . I thought i would go and watch it online.

I was surfing through and finally got a link, within 10s my computer went haywire, the antivirus thingy popped up and showed 32 + trojans inside. I knew i had messed up, i tried everything. My FF wouldnt open neither would IE. I was seriously helpless and i started panicking. yes i did started to panic when even Avira gave in. So then i started my wird of astaghfar and help to Allah SWT. Instantly  i realized where i was wrong…not only was i wasting my time watching a romantic movie but i was also going against my own teachings.I remembered i sent a mail on V day in Islam and now i was watching a movie that basically was the main concept.I was being hypocritical and disobedient. May Allah SWT forgive me  😦 i was so ashamed.

As soon as i rememberd this, Allah SWT prompted me an idea to system restore my computer and now  Alhmdulillah my laptop is back. When it returned to normal i didnt know how to thank my Lord. It was not a matter of a laptop, but it was how Allah SWT taught me something BIG through something so SMALL and I feel so ashamed of myself but at the same time my love for my Allah SWT just increased more.

Seriously how much wrongs we do and we dont realize? and why dont we see how much our Lord loves us and listens to us ? Oh Allah forgive me and plz keep my computer in shape too ameen :$ and yeah just thought ill share this with all of u..seriously it was a miracle i achieved today that strengthened my Iman!


“For all that i have my Lord, for all that iam, is from You, is for You and to You i will return “

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2 thoughts on “My Miracle

  1. mamoona on said:

    SubhanAllahhhh…!!!! i loved reading ur post safa! n mashallah!! was a source for us too to ponder on such lil thingz where usually we 4get our Lord! n think that Allah Subhan watallah is only confined to our fews hours of praying only! i also few dayz back experienced one incidence where i realized how much really Allah loves us! n helps us in different forms n shapes !! Subhanallah!! n jazakAllah 4 sharing it ..keeping sharing ur experiences wid us 😀 take care ! love you ! muah!

    • writerphobic on said:

      Awww jazakAllah mamuna 🙂 I agree with u , may AllaH SWT give us the ability to pass the tests He assigns us and always remember Him in both the times of joy and sadness Ameen 🙂
      Love you too *hugs*

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