Adjusting to new habitat

Salamalaikum 🙂
As i look at the calender today *surprise surprise* it is March the 1st or going to be, well im pretty stubborn not to just follow the US timings yet, i remain firm on my ground to follow UAE timings (A) so on my laptop it shows 7.57AM , March 1st. So yeah happy March 1st to all of you . Hope your march goes well and safe Ameen.

Well ill try this post not to be as depressing as the previous one. I know most of your just read half of what i blabbered and ran away with a shout ” EEK!! EMO STRIKES!! RUN FOR URE LIVESS!!” but well i truly understand. The thing is that at that time i was going through some serious rush of emotions ( i still do “CAUTION” ) but well its a bit stable now.. i miss UAE and i cant wait to go back there and meet my fiends and enjoy my Oh-so-ROMANTIC ❤ – Weather and beach 😦 Sigh!. On the other hand a lot has been happening, got a new apartment,car, started working anddd recieved my first paycheck. Dont know what to do with it so i have just randomly opened MAC’s website to see some good online deals * as if i will purchase, even tho im working i’ll still spend carefully cuz im a pendu business student and i know recession still exists* so yeah. Erm.. nevertheless my hands still itch its like the common female pre shopping syndrome =/

-OUCHness personified-

Changing tracks, I have been doing a lot of extra curricular work, sendin religious mails,editing and posting them on FB and whatever else i can do. Im not exactly becoming a preacher * i lack the credentials* but in the process of Da’wah i have realized that once you start spreading a message,whatever it might be, it is not easy. I mean even if it is a lecture on lets say 5 pillars of Islam or Phonic sounds, people differ in opinions. I mean there are categories of people: some agree,some dont some are confused*good or bad*.
Another thing i noticed is that even if your provide the proper sources and references people who dont want to accept give weird and out of the blue justifications just to prove the wrong right and It gives me that irrational urge to just go and make them believe that what they are doing is plain WRONG and they need to get out of their slumber..because it will mislead them 😦


It makes me laugh though how people just cling to the practices of their forefathers and ancestors and refuse to bow down to their peers. Or that they believe they have reached a certain break even point that nobody can teach them anything and they will not deter from their path *that is they will get misguided* Allah hidayat dein agar aisi baat hoti tou phir Rasulallah SAW age barriers set kerdetey or hum sab 50’s ki age me aaker party kertey k WAH JI WAH MAAF HOGAYE BAKHSHEY GAYE AYE HAYE ❤
Translation ” May Allah SWT give Guidance Ameen. Had this been the case the Prophet would have set age barriers and whenever we reached our 50’s we would party for being forgiven”

Anyways just my little two cents or maybe 2 fils or nahi 50 dhs (A) <Lame>

Massalam 🙂

“It is not the cruelty of God that restricts us from good or bad, it is us … For Allah SWT {God} has given us Sha’oor ( Wisdom) to make decisions and decide our own future in this word and the next “

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