One Desire, One Wish,One Love… Pakistan!


June 21st 2009 a day when the ink that wrote history turned Green and brought a revolution for the people of Pakistan. It was a day when flags were held high , patriotic songs were sung, revived from the music shelves . Men and women and even the little kids were seen kneeling down in prayer for ONE thing and that was nothing but the victory of Pakistan in T20 World CUp 2009. Although it was another cricket final or a tournament’s final but this victory held special significance. It was like a lucky charm or a miracle that would bring back the dead from the alive, in Pakistan’s case it was a sign of victory that would bring fresh tides of hopes, dismiss the heaviness of gloomy days and probably help clear out the gray clouds of insecurity.

Our Nation is beautiful… our people as loving as anyone. Although at times they may seem foolish and stupid, but for one thing their happiness for even the smallest achievement by any Pakistani at an international stage is nothing less than receiving a news of winning a $1 Million Lottery. And unlike other nations,even if our national sport turns out to be Hockey our main sport and anything taken serious after Religion is Cricket. People love cricket, you pick any random boy from a street ask him where is he heading and he will probably say ” main abhi apney doston k saath Krikat *cricket* dekhne jaraha hun” ( Iam going to play cricket with my friends). At a street in Karachi, you see young teens speeding their way through the batsman.. its cricket everywhere. You might , if you were a tourist, mistake yourself to be in the wrong place, but its not like that. Its Cricket which is a big deal. Through a series of mishaps and unfortunate events, Pakistan Cricket was in its last stages. With good players resigning and heading to an unrecognized Indian league ( ICL-Indian Cricket League) it was predicted with assurance that chances of winning the cup of Twenty20 is like A camel making its way out of the needle’s eye. Some believed Pakistan will not even advance to the SEMI’s while others thought that reaching the Super 8s will be a big achievement. And it looked like the predictions were true, with Pakistan losing its first 2 warm up matches, 1 against India. Then in the Group stage losing to England, and winning a match against Netherlands, Pakistan was still labeled as the Underdogs. Their fielding and attitude was below par. Batting was at its worst and something to cheer about was the bowling, the main strike bowler Gul and the most amazing spinner Shahid Afridi in the side.

But as they say,fortune favors the brave, it was when luck finally shone at Pakistan. Yasir Arafat got injured and PCB finally decided to lay down the barriers on Abdul Razzaq who was unable to play international cricket fro 2 years and was called back from the ICL. His entrance did the psychological trick for Pakistan. His first match where he got 2 wickets, was enough for Pakistan to come back. We won our first group match against NewZealand, where Umar gul took 5 wicket haul his first in T20 and the first 5 wicket haul in Twenty 20 Cricket history, a record by a Pakistani. Shahid Afridi with his amazing breakthrough’s and catches, backed up Umar Gul and with that NZ was cheaply dismissed at 99. We won. Our second match being with Ireland was as easy as a piece of cake.. however it was not over for Pakistan. Advancing to the semi’s was another DO or DIE Situation which Pakistan faced and this time it was with the Tournament’s number 1 team.. South Africa. SA had not lost one match and

Pakistan had no choice but to face with what Imran Khan said ” Like Cornered Tigers” and that was it. Shahid Afridi struck a magnificent 52 after being sent at number 3 position and with a defending total of 150,Shahid afridi taking once again the 2 crucial wickets. Pakistan won it with some ease and here they were the underdogs heading to the FINALS OF T20. And So the Stage was all set, Pak VS Srilanka. The 2 Finalists for the T20 World Cup Championship.
I wont go into much details, it was one thing that every Pakistani had seen,remembered and secured it in the best part of his/her brain. Shahid Afridi’s match winning knock and the winning moment was something that even if i get paid for a lifetime to forget this i wouldn’t. When we won, when the players went into Sajdah * prostration*, taking the cup in the hand and making the round of the whole stadium.. what a day it was for ME…. WHAT A DAY FOR EVERY PAKISTANI… 🙂


With india out of the tournament in its group stage, it was proven that its wrong to predict no matter how weak other teams look and with a format like T20 ,it is even more unpredictable. This tournament bought more positives for Pakistan… we found bright perspectives for the team in the form of Mohammad Amir, a 17 yr old who provided necessary breakthroughs. Ahmed Shahzaib, hard hitter and a good opener and Obviously Saeed Ajmal who provided the spinning assistance to the magical Afridi.
Other than that, this win for Pakistan proved one thing we are still united but we are not aware of it. We need to get more close to each other,forget our differences for once,Rectify ourselves, Believe in Allah SWT and work together to once again live the Pakistani Dream. What Baba e Qaum wanted his Pakistan to be, what OUR pakistan SHOULD be. We are ONE, and with that ill sign off. Pakistan ZINDABAD. Pakistan Paind ABAD!


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2 thoughts on “One Desire, One Wish,One Love… Pakistan!

  1. Very good MashAllah 😀

    Pakistan always has, and always will have a great cricket team InshAllah.

  2. Love U BooM BooM Afridi………,
    plz Come BacK in Cricket Life……,

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