Positive outlooks =]

Salam Alaikum.

So Im back after a week or so of constant fun and surprises 😀

Alhumdulillah as I write this oh sorry as i TYPE this blog , I feel ever so happy to announce that its coming from my very own laptop :D. nahh not a big deal i noe i noe, but I had previously been using my sister’s laptop. I owe her a lot for bearing my constant cries of ” CAN I HAVE THE LAPTOP?” , but Im also happy that finally the constant do’s and dont’s wont come along such as ” keep the laptop on a 90 degrees angle” do this do tht , is now over 😀

I have my own Lenovo’s S10 mini laptop * a small preview of how exactly it looks like*

Changing tracks, My Uncle and his family made this week for me so amazing that i guess my words would fall short. However, Im sure ill remember this small visit of theirs’ forever InshAllah. We went to desert safari,countless malls, ate out and what not. Nevertheless every second and every minute was worth it and their gifts  and love was unconditional. They went yesterday to Karachi from where they would fly back to US inshAllah. Ill miss them. Wish them a safe and sound and a fun journey Ameen 🙂

The Main highlight of this week would be the news that PAK REACHED THE FINALS OF T20 World Cup 2009. Now who expected THAT :p Hopefully they would bring the cup home Ameen.

Other than that, my results are coming on Sunday and atm my heart beat is slightly above than 90 beats per minute but im sure on 21st it will be 120 or more.

Anyhus im off.

“Its been narrated that Prophet Muhammad SAW said that giving gifts increases the love between people”

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One thought on “Positive outlooks =]

  1. Channu on said:


    I get my privacy back 😉 (6) MUWAAHHHHH!!

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