Good news =D

My so called normal week is coming to an exciting end- YES it is 😀 3 good things have happened actually 1 is in process but yeah 😀

a) PAKISTAN WON! And qualifies to the super 8’s. Well not a very good news considering how pathetic they had been playing over the past few matches but yeah its all good =p atleast it will save them from a humilating loss. They dont stand favourites but yeah lets see..

b)I held a Persian Kitty in my hand for the first time in my life. As petty as it may sound , it was the most wonderful feeliing on earth. Believe me if i had a cat of my own i would devote 18 hours of my clock to her/him 🙂 I love cats and its probably more of an obsession. Many people dont like them,but they r the most cutest and adorable creatures on this planet 😀

So when i held it, I asked my friend to take pictures and wasnt he adorable. I think ill name him Chota Miaow *Small Miaow*. He isnt mine but still ;). SO yeah here is how he looked like ❤

Adorableness has no limit

Adorableness has no limit

He was seriously camera shy awww

He was seriously camera shy awww

So my obsession has no limits when it comes to cats.. so you know what to gift me when my birthday approaches (A)

3) My Uncle * Mamoo* is coming 😀 and his cute lil 4 kids are so adorable. It is always fun when they are around . There is so much planned when they come inshAllah. Such as desert safari ❤ So  yeah im all geared up for that 😀

Anyhu. Just glad that things are finally turning out to be exciting. It may not be for long but who cares its the present that matters the most =]

Adios fellas

“Fate is not necessarily cruel,it just tests us and makes us realize where we stand strong and where we fall weak”

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