“Cultivating days”

It was a pretty tiring day. My first hand experience with Accounts does not make it sound any good as well.

First of all the teacher is damn strict and for some reason,looking at her gives me some creepy feeling. i think its a phase which we all go through when we start a new semester or a academic year,but honestly speaking she does scare me :(. Anyhu, then the questions in which i messed up. I mean its just day 2 and i cant even understand which things come under  current assets and liabilities.

Then it was the ” Silent Death” class… TQM * total quality management* and honestly speaking you would not like to attend that class. I mean its way too technical. Although its totally related to Management but oh em gee, it kills u from the insidee *sings*

Moving on, my prev semester’s results are coming on the 21st but i managed to do some benchmarking and get a first hand information about my performances. It looks like Ill get A but the cloud of uncertainty looms over my head as i write this down.

Other than that,the day was pretty tiring and exhausting. And im expecting it to get a bit adrenaline pumping because its Pak Vs Eng T20 today! fingers are crossed as usual.Also I plan not to be a goody two shoes. Just a random decision or you can say its a late new year resolution :p but yeah i mean when people just sideline your hard work and down to earth nature, you cant always say YES to them in everything. You do have to learn to say NO.

With that ill leave my readers ( if there are any).

“I wont change the way i function,but I will change the technical mishaps that take place within me”

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2 thoughts on ““Cultivating days”

  1. red carpet rebellion on said:

    i could never get what comes under current assets and liabilities when i was in O level either. i hated doing balance sheets. sucky things they were <_<. and dont even get me started on TQM.

    • writerphobic on said:

      U never told me u had studied business :O and LoL hehehehe, thats good yaar lekin seriously i suck with anything related to maths =[ and who knows what ill do here.
      BTW TQM is interesting :p

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