“A miracle or an unfortunate event”

Its a funny thing introducing ureself.
Its pretty awkward when you have to do it in front of people you dont know

It is even more weird when you have to introduce yourself on a blog. Anyways,formalities aside.

I am Safa, a girl fading in the teen life. I am what you may label as a “miracle” or an “unfortunate event”. Perceptions vary. But more about me will be illustrated in the coming blogs.
The reason why i chose “writer phobic” as my screen name.. its nothing but pure irony 🙂 I write more than i intend to.. im actually nothing but an obsessed writer 🙂

Ill stop right now before it gets long .

Tatas and Farewells

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2 thoughts on ““A miracle or an unfortunate event”

  1. red carpet rebellion on said:

    Chaffo rani kaho tho meri jaan de doon.. chaffo rani! :p

    lol welcome, this song just popped up from nowhere.

  2. writerphobic on said:

    :p HAHAHA thnkss rebellion ;D ahh i feel blessed already :p

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